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[IP] Retinapothy question, trying not to panic

I hate freaking retinapothy!!!  I posted a while back about having a bleeder 
before going on vacation, called the retina specialist, he said go ahead, 
 can't do anything till it clears up, then got home from vacation, left for
vacation and eye cleared up while in Vegas but then had a new bleeder in that 
same eye.  Posted here, re-grouped and calmed down, waiting for this to clear 
(have appointment for 7/30), and just now I had ANOTHER freaking bleeder!  I 
am now close to panic, what in the world is going on??!!??  Sugars have been 
ok, nothing stressful today, I just don't get it.  I feel like I'm doing 
 everything right and everything is going wrong. So, here I sit, frustrated and
nervous (OK, actually scared).  How scared should I be?  Is this normal?
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