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[IP] Re: Crazy Herbal Remedy

This is NOT medical advice! The following information should be taken 
with a grain of salt, so to speak.

   I did a quick search and came up with a little info. "Hilba" is 
 From   http://www.egregore.com/herbs/Methi.htm  

"A study in India involving insulin-dependent diabetics on low doses of 
insulin, pulverized fenugreek seeds were shown to reduce blood sugar and 
other harmful fats. The authors of the study suggest adding fenugreek 
seeds to the diets of diabetics."

"Insulin-dependent diabetics should seek professional medical advice 
before using fenugreek as a hypoglycemic."

*"**Decoction:* use 2 tsp. seed with 1 cup cold water; let stand for 5 
hours. Then heat and boil for 1 minute. Take 2 or 3 cups per day. 
Improve the taste with peppermint oil, lemon extract, honey, or sugar."

>From   http://www.anagen.net/fenuin.htm

"* stimulates the *pancreas* and aids *digestion"*

"* *antihyperglycemic* - affects endocrine system and hormone function 
due to its ability to reduce or control high blood sugar, which is 
predominantly the responsibility of the pancreas. The powder of the seed 
indeed *regulates diabetes* in advanced age. This *antihyperglicemic* 
action is interesting *against acne* which is caused by an excess of 
sugars in follicules causing a growth of patogenic germs."

Apparently your pharmacist isn't just making up stories, but I cannot 
vouch for the validity of his statements. As far as not having an excuse 
not to try it anymore...YES you do have one! If you don't want to, then 
that should be good enough reason right there. It's your body, your 
health, (and your tastebuds, too) not the pharmacist's. Don't let him 
bully you. I've heard the seeds aren't bad in salads, though.

Mom to JayJay, age 5  
Dx'd @ 11 mos.
Pumping with "Zero"
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