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Re: [IP] My Pumpy Died...

My CDE recommended that i go back on Humalin N (yuck) and Humalog, in the
event of a complete pump
failure. Heres the formula:

Add up the basals between 9p to 7 am and take 1.5 times that.

>From 7a- 5p add up the basals and take exactly that.

Hopefull you'll have a new pump the next day.

Sorry to hear that you had to wait.


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>I was working late at my second job on Saturday night and got home after
>Midnight. I don't normally change my sites that late, but I had sweated this
>one loose and it needed to be changed. After my shower I started to change my
>set. For some odd reason every time I tried to prime, my MM508 would go blank
>and then say VER 60I (I think).  I let it rest a minute and tried again over
>and over for about twenty minutes. Then I called the MM help line. I was told
>that pumpy was dead and they'd send me a new one. Unfortunately, FedEx
>ship on Sunday so I wouldn't receive the new pump until Tuesday around
noon. I
>had big plans to take my son to see Thomas the Tank Engine live out of town
>the next day and was upset about having to quickly come up with a back-up
>for  my insulin. I called my endo. He was out of town and I got the other
>on call and had him paged. Needless to say, it was now almost 2 AM and I woke
>the poor guy up. We talked about going on either Lantus or UltraLente for my
>basals. I thought we had decided on Lantus, but when I got the pharmacy he
>called in UltraLente. I had no experience with either. My old MDI days were
>regular or humalog with NPH. But I did finally get "some" control going. I've
>been mostly running in the 200's. I've skipped a lot of meals to avoid extra
>shots. (Which could only be good for my waist line).
>I'd forgotten how much shots hurt. My arms and thighs are sore. It seems like
>my skin is as tough as an old piece of leather and just does not want to be
>pierced! Maybe the Walgreen's brand syringes are just dull?
>I am very excited about getting my pump back this afternoon. It makes me
>appreciate it that much more.
>Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
>Who is starting to feel like a pin cushion again.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: