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RE: [IP] bolusing for pizza

Hi Kathy, i like pizza as well. Could you take a minute and explain how you
figure a sqaure
wave bolus for pizza. This is one i have not yet mastered.

Even a fictious example would be great. I realize that it varies for each
of us, but i have had
no luck.

Has anyone figure fried clams, i don't often have them but did a few weeks
ago, and of course
up we go.


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>Depends on what kind of pizza you're eating.
>I have found if I eat one of the "fast food" pizza's I can handle that with
>a dual wave bolus, bolusing just for the carbs now and fat several hours
>However, when we were recently in Brooklyn, NY, couldn't resist having a
>piece of Brooklyn Pizza...you know, the one with REAL mozzarella and tons of
>oil in it!!!
>Well, I didn't square or dual wave it and ended up with highs in the 300's
>for around 8 hours afterwards....adjusted insulin and it came down but since
>we were out of town and running around, didn't want to take the chance of
>going too low.
>Also consider thin or thick crust pizza  when calculating your carbs.
>Kathy B.
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