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[IP] Re: A1c - Hg or Hb?

I think Hg, Hgb, and Hb are just interchangeable shorthands for
hemoglobin. I have a book about medical tests and they refer to
the HbA1c test as HgbA1c, for what it's worth. What you may be
thinking of that are different are the total glycosylated
hemoglobin and the A1c. They are measuring similar but different
things. The way our lab does it is that they measure ALL the
glycosylated hemoglobin and then they *calculate* the A1c from
that number, ie: it isn't actually measured separately. There are
other subgroups - A1a, A1b, etc and they all comprise a different
% of the total - A1c comprising the largest amount. Our numbers
are always given as follows (just an example): Glyc Hgb 10.5
Calculated A1c 8.2. The 'gold standard' is an actual, specific
measure of the subgroup A1c but that test is very expensive so it
isn't as widely used. Basically the calculated A1c is not as
exact as the actual measured A1c but it is still an extremely
useful tool in the management of diabetes. Hope this helps!

Jan said:
For the last couple of years my A1c's have run in the low 6's.
Three mos ago it was 8.1, last week it was back to 6.1. The renal
dietitian wrote it on my lab sheet as HgA1c and I asked if the
previous one was HbA1c? She said they don't do that, it's always
Hg - but I thought I read here there is a difference. If so, what
is it?
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