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RE: [IP] osteoporosis and gastroparesis

I developed osteoporosis as a result of hormone ablation treatments for
prostate cancer.  Once I fell down (during a hypoglycemic incident in my own
dining room) and broke three bones in my ankle which required surgery and a
metal plate and screws, etc.) I was put on aredia because of my low bone
density.  I had been taking Fosamax at the rate of 70 mg per week.  The
doctor increased my dosage to 140 mg/week and administered aredia by
infusion (about 90 minutes) every three months.  After about a year, I had
another bone density test and they learned that my osteoporsis had
disappeared and my bone density was now normal despite my continuing to take
the androgen ablation drugs.  Good luck with it.  It never had any effect on
my Type I diabetes as far as I could tell.  The only inconvenience is having
to take the Fosamax upon arising and then avoiding eating anything for at
least 30-60 minutes (no coffee, no nothing).  So...I always had to check my
blood sugar before taking the Fosamax and occasionally had to eat and
postpone the Fosamax to the next day.  (Just be grateful that the pill is
now once a week instead of daily as it was when I started on it.)

Good luck.

Joel (diagnosed at age 12 - 1956; pumping since 1981)

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> Subject: [IP] osteoporosis and gastroparesis
> Are any of you dealing with both osteoporosis and gastroparesis?  My
> rheumatologist has proposed putting me on Aredia, which has to be
> infused intraveneously over a period of hours, and I seem to be balking
> at the moment.
> If anyone has any input about their experiences (with Aredia, Fosamax,
> or anything else), I'd sure appreciate hearing.  But maybe directly to
> me -- it may not have wide enough interest for the list.
> Linda Z
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