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RE: [IP] Mrking Down Blood Sugars on The Pump

Is it easier or more tedious to write down blood sugars and Boluses when
someone is on the Pump compared to injections? I just thought it might be
if someone picks at food all day which is an option on the pump and I would
probably do, would have have to write down 10 to 20 times I that I would
have to Bolus?

First of all, picking at food all day long isn't a good thing whether you're
on injections or the pump.  It's better to try to stick with a breakfast,
lunch, dinner and snacks in beween sort of thing.

Secondly, once you are on the pump and have gotten used to what works best
for you as far as insulin to carb ratios, you won't have to be checking your
b.g.'s so often and writing them down.

For instance, if I eat a pretzel log, it is 8 gr. of carbs which means I
need to bolus .6 U insulin.  However, I don't always do that because of the
time factor in how long insulin takes to run through my system and if I
bolus I might be doing more harm than good by going lower later on.

It's a "everyone has to do their own thing" since you know your own body
better than anyone else...

Kathy B.
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