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[IP] My Pumpy Died...

I was working late at my second job on Saturday night and got home after
Midnight. I don't normally change my sites that late, but I had sweated this
one loose and it needed to be changed. After my shower I started to change my
set. For some odd reason every time I tried to prime, my MM508 would go blank
and then say VER 60I (I think).  I let it rest a minute and tried again over
and over for about twenty minutes. Then I called the MM help line. I was told
that pumpy was dead and they'd send me a new one. Unfortunately, FedEx doesn't
ship on Sunday so I wouldn't receive the new pump until Tuesday around noon. I
had big plans to take my son to see Thomas the Tank Engine live out of town
the next day and was upset about having to quickly come up with a back-up plan
for  my insulin. I called my endo. He was out of town and I got the other endo
on call and had him paged. Needless to say, it was now almost 2 AM and I woke
the poor guy up. We talked about going on either Lantus or UltraLente for my
basals. I thought we had decided on Lantus, but when I got the pharmacy he had
called in UltraLente. I had no experience with either. My old MDI days were
regular or humalog with NPH. But I did finally get "some" control going. I've
been mostly running in the 200's. I've skipped a lot of meals to avoid extra
shots. (Which could only be good for my waist line).
I'd forgotten how much shots hurt. My arms and thighs are sore. It seems like
my skin is as tough as an old piece of leather and just does not want to be
pierced! Maybe the Walgreen's brand syringes are just dull?
I am very excited about getting my pump back this afternoon. It makes me
appreciate it that much more.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who is starting to feel like a pin cushion again.
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