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Re: [IP] cozmo software


I have special bolus for both Pizza and Chinese food. I use extended boluses
of 3 hours, 50% now 50% over the duration. I have also changed my carb to
insulin for these meals from 15/1 to 7/1. This is based on my experience of
last four years pumping. BS are about normal at 4 hours, but my humalog
lasts 3.5 hours.


> Just curious...what kind of personalizing do most of you Cozmo users put
> your pump? We are adding Pizza bolus...and maybe a Soccer basal.
> Also, do most of you notice a hike in the bg's about 4-8 hours out after
> pigging out on Pizza???? Would extended boluses work best for that?
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin
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