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[IP] Drs. Recommendations...a little more to add

Thought I had it out of my system, but here goes more...

If Doctors Recommendations are important, do you also take any perscriptions
or diagnoses given to you by your doctor without any questions?

When I was 18 I went to the college infirmary and was diagnosed with at UTI by
the Doctor (yes he was an internal medicine doctor).  My chart had in big bold
red letters that I was allergic to sulpha drugs.  In conversation with him I
reminded him I was allergic to them also.  He perscribed me Bactin and I took
it thinking this was a good idea.  It is a sulpha based antibiotic.  Needless
to say, the next day I showed up at the center swollen, bright red, and with
shortness of breath.  I ended up on prednisone for five days to bring down the
swelling and then after that could start the anitbiotics for the infection.
To this day I double and triple check any perscriptions I am given.  I have
caught two mistakes since then with other doctors.

My grandmother, went to her doctor several times over two years not feeling
well.  The doctor ran some tests and every time sent her home telling her she
had the flu.  Finally, she went to another doctor who found a tumor the size
of a grapefruit in her stomach.

And you wonder why I take any doctors recommendations or dianoses with

-- Sherry
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