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[IP] refilling tubing

Ryan writes:
> 4. Prime the new tubing/reservoir as usual.  Since the tubing 
> should already be filled with insulin, you shouldn't have to prime 
> very much unless you find that bubbles have seeped into the 
> tubing while you filled the reservoir.

I am no engineer (but i have played one on stage), but when you break the 
vacuum seal (or whatever kind of seal it is) that exists in the tubing by 
 disconnecting it from the reservoir, doesn't air automatically seep in? I
the hard way that you have to be unplugged from the set before you pull the 
 reservoir out and unscrew the tubing.....felt like an insulin beer bong going

When I reuse my reservoirs (we are talking old fashion 508 here), I always 
 prime the new insulin through the tubing, just to make sure i don't have any
bubbles....I think michael did some math one time to figure out how much 
 insulin is in one inch of tubing, and if that one inch of air happened to hit
night, I could be a long time without any basal insulin...so just to be 
 safe....I prime the whole 8 - 20 units through (though with the 508, you can do
of it by hand, just push the plunger up and watch the insulin fill the tube, 
then place in pump and lower the levers...no need to sit through 5,000 clicks 
of the lead screw turning to prime....

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