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Re: [IP] Energizer e2

Is the e2 Energizer an alkaline battery?  If it isn't, I don't know 
that it is a good idea to use, since MM recommends only alkaline 

Anyhow, as far as specific batteries...I have yet to find a battery 
that beats the Kodak Xtralife brand.  Some match it, but none beat it.  
I've managed over a month for the past several.  I've never done worse 
than 3 1/2 weeks on a Kodak brand battery.

Energizers I've gotten as much as 3 1/2 weeks, but as little as 1 weeks 
1 day.  Typically, I was seeing about 2 weeks out of them.  Duracell 
was also never more than 2 weeks.

Kodak brand are harder to find, however.  I get them at Aldi for $1.29 
for a pack of 4.  I find that they last longer in just about 
everything...even the kid's toys!


>I use the Energizer e2 in my paradigm pump and I happen to love them, 
>wish I could find a battery that would last for longer than a month, 
>mine only 
>last for two weeks, not an excessive button pusher. Any suggestions on 
>batteries that I can use. 
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