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[IP] limited reservoir and a Challenge

 I was about to write it down for you too. The only thing I can add to Ryan's
great step-by-step procedure is make sure to keep the tubing (after you
disconnect it from your self and the reservoir) laying flat with the site
connector side propped a bit higher. This will ensure you do not get any air in
the reservoir side of the tubing due to gravity. I lay it on the
table/bed/anywhere flat and prop higher the side that connects to me. If a bit
of air goes in the side with the site-connector it is OK since when you prime
the new (or refilled) reservoir you will more than likely push a bit of insulin
out either way (that is why is so important to disconnect while doing this whole
thing.) If you don't quite fill it (which I have yet to avoid) you can prime or
bolus a bit more and get that out.

 If you do not do this or something like it, you run the risk to get a bit of
air on the opposite side (the side that connects to the reservoir) and that is a
lot harder to prime out without either wasting insulin or being attentive to the
bubble of air when it is reaching your site.

 I do not reuse the reservoir I just fill up a new cartridge. Since I do that, I
can keep the tubing connected to the empty reservoir until I am ready to connect
it to the new filled one. This is another way to reduce the risk of entering
unwanted air since the pressure is being kept leveled.

 This might not be an issue to most (YMMV) but I am very sensitive to Insulin
and being careful about bubbles helps me stay very stable throughout the whole

I hope my explanation was easy to follow.

 Isn't IP just the best!!!! I can't count the number of things I have learned
from this great group!!!!!

Eloisa and Libertad (MM's Paradigm)
dx'd 2/11/02 pumping 6/02
Ryan wrote:
1. Disconnect the pump and rewind as usual.
2. Fill a new reservoir as usual.  (I guess, technically you could 
refill the current reservoir as well.  If you do this, you'll need to 
save the plunger handle to use for the refill.  Disconnect the 
reservoir from the tubing, and refill the old reservoir as you would 
3. Reconnect the new (or refilled old) reservoir to the tubing you were 
using (which should still be disconnected from you).
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