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Re: [IP] severe hypos due to alcohol

> I have had only a handful of drinking binges in my lifetime and luckily
> of them landed me in the hospital.  One incident with wiskey was probably
> close call when I was in college.  However, I am a fan of wine.  I have
> found that drinking a glass or two each night has actually helped my bg
> levels.  Did I mention I am an oddity?

not odd - special! :)

i've never been a big drinker, but enjoy a drink now and again (there's also
the money aspect to alcohol, which i don't have a huge amount of).  a couple
of drinks with no food will send me low, but if i eat at the same time, i
bolus (but less), and it's fine.  just one drink, with or without food,
won't affect me much.  funny how things vary so much.
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