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Re: [IP] Carrying old reservoirs for emergencies

I carry a small zipper pouch I bought at Old Navy for $5.  It holds my One
Touch Ultra, usually two test strip containers, a used test strip container
for the used strips, my glucose tablets, my ketostix, and my lancing device.
It also holds my open Humalog vial, one unused syringe (from my stash of
five lifetimes worth since I reuse them), and at least one tip to the MM
reservoir.  If I run out of insulin on the go, I just disconnect from my
site, refill the current reservoir using it's tip and my insulin, and then
prime and reconnect.  I rarely give myself an injection unless I have a
really big unexpected high, or my pump has complete failure.

I was surprised nobody but Jan mentioned that they carry the reservoir tip
with them.  Saves me the trouble when I have the insulin on hand of having
to inject.  Why bother with all the trouble of trying to get insulin from
the reservoir.

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80 pmp 12/99 MM508
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