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Re: [IP] How DO you decide?

Pick a pump.  They are all excellent devices.  It may help to make a list of
the things you think are important in your life.  Then see which pump
matches those goals.  If you are forgetful, then maybe the features of the
Cozmo with the reminders would be useful.  If you are ultra sensitive to
insulin than maybe the features of the Animas may be important.  If you are
interested in the design of the Paradigm than that my be your choice.  You
can't make a bad choice, so figure out which best meets your needs.
Remember that YMMV (your mileage may vary).

As for sets, you really need to talk to your CDE and demand to try different
sets.  I know mine had them.  I can't use the sofsets do to allergy to the
tape.  I have used sils for years, and just recently discovered that I can
also use the Disetronic Ultraflex.  So for me the infusion sets are limited.
Luckily I have a few choices.

The good news is that in most cases the sets can be exchanged for other
sets.  I also think that Animas and Medtronic have return policies within 30
days.  Don't know about Disetronic or Deltec but that seems to be the norm.

Good luck!
-- Sherry
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