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Re: [IP] Energizer e2 - batteries in the paradig,

> I use the Energizer e2 in my paradigm pump and I happen to love them, just
> wish I could find a battery that would last for longer than a month, mine
> last for two weeks, not an excessive button pusher. Any suggestions on
> batteries that I can use.

i think that the whole battery thing with the paradigm is really pure luck.
with the duracell ultras i'd get 1-2 weeks before i'd get a low battery
alarm, but it would last another 3-4 weeks before it ran out of juice.  some
of the higher power energizer would go 4-5 weeks before low battery alarms,
and go dead within the week after that.
i guess it's just try a bunch, see what works. :)

liz (with blue paradigm and finnegan the wonder cat who hasn't managed to
eat through the tubing yet)
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