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Re: [IP] leaving sites in

> medical recommendations are there for a reason, but your so young you may
> not be aware of it.

Ouch.  Well I read this and I could only imagine Sara's response.  I know
mine was that I was insulted.  I was diagnosed almost 23 years ago, my
aniversary is next month.  I am a squeaky clean, green behind the years 27
year old.  Sorry to be sooo young.

Now as for medical recommendations, the key words is "recommendation."  I
have had a lot of doctors tell me that I am acception to many of the medial
recommendation rules.  Yes, they are there for a reason, they are a safe
average that the guidlines are set by.  Some people need to follow them,
some need to do things differently whether that is earlier or later than the

I just found the age comparison unfair.  There are 14 year-olds out there
who have more life experience with diabetes than many 46 year-olds out
there.  Age is not a factor in my book, but life-experience with the
disease.  Is that fair?  Probably not.  But I have heard better advice from
some 16-year old diabetics I have met than some of the 50-something
diabetics I have met.  Am I perfect?  NO.  I have my funks with this
horrible disease, but at least I don't judge people and their perceptsion by
their age.  Maybe that is why I am a middle school teacher.  :-)

Off my soap box,
dxd 8/80 pmp 12/99 MM508
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