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[IP] Sites changes

Hello all,

Sorry I do not remember (I was out for a couple of days and read all my
digest at once) who said that they can never remember when was the last time
they changed their site.  Not sure if all pumps have this but the Paradigm
keeps a log of your primes (prime history.)  That is how I know (for sure)
when was the last time I did a site change vs. a site and reservoir change
(it differentiates between the fixed (F) prime (which is used for the 'site'
change) and the other one that it calls M but right now I cannot recall what
it stands for, that is used when you change the reservoir.)  This is not
100% fool proof for the 'site change' since once or twice in the last year I
have forgotten to do my fixed prime and wonder for a while why I was
slightly higher than target :o)

Someone else asked (I think Adriana) how do we remember to change our sites
more often.  I am actually now on a modified version of Summer's plan.  I
change sites Sundays and Wednesday but only change the reservoir and tubing
when needed (out of insulin.)  I use anywhere from 20 to 30 units a day
(depending on my menstrual cycle = level of hunger.)  I use to fill the
reservoir to the appropriate amount to change it every 3 days but that got
old and someone here mentioned they just change the sites and keep using the

I fill it to the top, ~180u and use it from there.  It helps that I don't
have to think about it (specially when feeling Diabetes/work overwhelmed.)
I know those days I have to change the site and the alarm tells me when I am
out of Ins.  Some times I just yank (sp?) the site I have right after I come
from the shower in order to force myself to do it since I know that they can
last me longer and I can leave it in (but I don't want to) and will later
forget to do it.  Also, by not having to do it all at once it takes less
time in the moment (off course you end up having a few 1-2 minute pump times
instead of one or two 5-min complete site change.)

In addition, I also change my -sites- in the car if necessary.  I prep in
the red lights.  I know my car is not the cleanest environment but it works
for me (no infections so far.)  I don't do this, but I know some do, you
could also have the cartridges filled for the week (do them while watching
the news or while talking on the phone) and keep them with you for a quick

Also, when I am getting tired of all the testing and checking (tired of
Diabetes), I do ask my significant other for help.  I asked to be tested,
specially at night when I do not 'feel' like testing but it is very
important I do (just last night I was in that mood and was not feeling like
testing, she did it for me and I am glad she did.  I was at 298 and would
have gone to sleep like that.)  I corrected via syringe and changed sites
(another crimped canula since I was getting in that mode earlier in that day
and I was cutting corners and did NOT use my inserter (it was on the other
floor.)) As soon as I saw the number, I new it was another crimped canula.

I am actually getting concerned that I can no longer insert my quickset
without an inserter.  I need to 're-learn' how to since I could easily
forget it when I travel or I can loose it or what ever.  I do not like to be
so dependent.  I would still use it all the time, but I want to feel
competent doing a site change without it just in case.  I must be missing
some detail/step or something because out of the last 5 times I did it by
hand 4 were crimped.  I used to changed them without the inserter before and
I had a decent rate of success.

Well, hope everyone is doing well.

Eloisa and Libertad (Newly named MM 511 Paradigm)
Dx'd 2/11/02 pumping Jun '02
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