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RE: [IP] 12 glucagons!


I know that I have had problems in the past getting kits in the number
that I can use them up in a weekend. My insurance only allows me to have
a RX for 4 kits a month. Considering that in a weekend that I am having
trouble with lows my husband can use 3-4 kits to get me to a point where
I can drink juice....I stock pile glucagons kits and would love to get
12 at a time.

With most of my pancreas removed I no longer make any of my own glucagon
so kits are the only way for me to get glucagon. 

Yes the goal is not use any but some of us need to rely on them for help
and I know that if I don't have enough at home when the rescue comes
they don't carry any so then it's a ER visit.

Gail Donohue

12???  they sent you 12???  hving never ever used that stuff ONCE in 29
of diabetes, i would see that as a life time supply...do they HONESTLY
you will use that many???  Are you not supposed to throw it out after a
of something?  So if you don't use them at all, which is the goal, you
throw them all away.

No wonder insurance is so high...all this unnecessary overkill!!

Tell your supplier to take them back adn have your doctor change your 

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