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[IP] Re: Dressing with the pump/hiding the pump

Someone asked:

>Re: [IP] hiding the pump (revisited)
>Subject: [IP] Dressing with a Pump
>Summer is here and I am wearing belly shirts with Hip Hugger jeans and I
>don't want to give up the type of clothing that I wear for summer. So how 
>am I
>going to hide that line that's on my stomach connected to the Pump? One 
>thing also is that I can't hide the Pump in my jeans because they are 
>Can anyone solve this dilemma?

I've been known to hide my pump every now and then, depending on where I'm 
going.  I've also been known to wear tight or cropped clothing.

I've found that you sort of need to plan what you're going to wear for a few 
days when you put your site in.  If I want to wear something that shows my 
stomach, I put the site in my hip or at the top of my thigh.   The MM508 
looks enough like a pager that I can clip it to my waistband and no one is 
the wiser if the tubing is shoved into the clothes.

I've also worn the pump clipped to my bra (gotta love Victoria's Secrets!) 
and with a slightly looser top than normal, no one is the wiser.

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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