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Re: [IP] limited reservoir and a Challenge

To change the reservoir on the Paradigm pump:

1. Disconnect the pump and rewind as usual.
2. Fill a new reservoir as usual.  (I guess, technically you could 
refill the current reservoir as well.  If you do this, you'll need to 
save the plunger handle to use for the refill.  Disconnect the 
reservoir from the tubing, and refill the old reservoir as you would 
3. Reconnect the new (or refilled old) reservoir to the tubing you were 
using (which should still be disconnected from you).
4. Prime the new tubing/reservoir as usual.  Since the tubing should 
already be filled with insulin, you shouldn't have to prime very much 
unless you find that bubbles have seeped into the tubing while you 
filled the reservoir.
5. Once you are primed, just re-connect.  There is no need to do a 
fixed prime at this point, since the cannula should already be primed 
from using it for a few days. 

If you refill the reservoir, then you technically don't have to use up 
any additional supplies to perform this other than insulin.  You've now 
extended your 176 unit reservoir to use >300 units on one site change.

Hope this helps.

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