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[IP] 30 unit prime on Paradigm???

I've seen a few people refer to priming the Paradigm using 30 units.  
I'm a bit surprised at this.  I have been using the Paradigm for over a 
year now, and I've NEVER come CLOSE to 30 units for a prime.

WHen I used the long tubing (>40"), I would prime 14 units to fill the 
tubing, plus the 5 units to fill the cannula after insertion for a 
total of 19 units max.

Now I use the short tubing (23"), and I prime no more than 7.5 
units...but usually closer to 6 units...to fill the tubing, for a total 
of about 12 units to prime.

On top of this, I typically "overfill" the resoivoir slightly so that 
there is just over 180 units before priming.  Once I do this, after 
doing a site change, I typically have 160-170 units left, NOT <150!

What are people doing that is resulting in taking 30 units? Perhaps the 
infusion set makes a difference?  I use Quicksets with the 9mm cannula.

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