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Re: [IP] transition from lantus to pump

 I had wondered about the Lantus  lingering. Does anyone know of any
studies to show how long?

Jenny has been taking a pump break on beach days and this weekend at the
Colorado River (110 degrees). She has decided that the site and bolusing
is not compatible with a 14 year old in a bikini. She has actually done
very well, except for running low at night. I don't know whether to
attribute this to the Lantus or the exercise. The nice thing about doing
food boluses with a syringe is that she doesn't snack as much.


jhughey wrote:

    I am going to have to learn how to use the boluses differently because it  

  is taking less insulin to cover the same amount of food >>

  A couple of things to consider: A) Many people start pumping with a 25%
  reduction right up front. B) The Lantus may linger in your system several
  days. C) In a few weeks when you are relying on just the pump insulin,
  tweaking may have to be all redone.

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