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Re: [IP] re: Dressing with a Pump

In a message dated 7/13/03 12:36:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Fawna,
> There are lots of ways to wear belly shirts with hip huggers.
> You can put the site high on your abdomen, side, or as high as you can 
> reach on your back and wear the pump in your bra.
> You can put the site in your thigh, butt, or low in your abdomen and run 
> the tubing down your leg with the pump in your sock.
> Then there won't be a noticeable bulge, but bolusing requires either 
> pressing buttons through your clothes or taking it out of your clothes 
> unless you havea minimed pump with a remote.
> What I don't understand is WHY HIDE YOUR PUMP?? You can clip it to the 
> front pocket or front belt loop (my most usual place) of your jeans, only a 
> small bit of tubing shows, very few people will notice it. Mini med pumps 
> look an awful lot like pagers and the deltec cozmo looks very much like a 
> cell phone. If anyone does realize your pump is not a pager or cell phone 
> you can use the opportunity to educate them.
> Please don't let this be a reason for you not benefit from the advantages 
> of pumping. The vast majority of pumpers have much better control of their 
> diabetes and feel much better (even though many of us didn't realize how 
> awful we felt til we see the difference). And the freedom of being able to 
> eat what you want and  WHEN you want  makes life so very mich nicer. If you 
> don't like pumping, you can always go back to injections. Bet you 
> won't!  I'm with  Sara Smarty Pants who says, "you'll have to pry my pump 
> out of  my cold dead fingers first".
> Regards,
> DEB555
"Thanks so much Deb," I feel much better knowing about all those places to 
put it.  : )
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