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Re: [IP] 176 unit max size,


Just because you change your infusion site doesn't mean that you have to
change your reservoir and vice versa.
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Subject: [IP] 176 unit max size,

> Okay, concerning the 176 unit max size.  I've been using the Paradigm
> 511 with an average daily use of insulin of 60 units/day.  Sure, it
> would be nice if it lasted longer...but the fact of the matter is, the
> MEDICAL recommendations for maximum time leaving in a site is 2 1/2 to
> 3 days.  The fact that many pumpers have gotten used to leaving it in
> much longer just means you are going against medical advice.  (Whether
> that advice is valid or not is another discussion).
> For many people the 176 size is a concern for staying in a routine.  For
> myself, 176 units (minus) 30units for prime (minus) 50 units for day 1
> (minus) 50 units for day 2 = 46 units for the last day.  Since the pumps
> read empty at 5-10 units, this means changing sites in the middle of the
> night.  I like to change sites after a shower so my old site is clean, my
> potential site is clean, and my hands are clean.  I use antibacterial soap
> to wash all three.  If anyone has noticed, the insulin package inserts
> suggest a 2 day maximum infusion site.  I may start doing this.  I have
> noticed a significant amount of variability between blood glucoses for day
> 3 compared to day 1 and 2.  Day 1 and 2 show very little difference. Also,
>  keeping 176 units on board is helpful for dieting.  Keeps boluses under
> control, therefore, keeping weight down.
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