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Re: [IP] hiding the pump (revisited)

Jenny wrote in response to Fawna:

>Why not try the other suggestions of putting the site into the upper
>leg/upper buttocks/hip region and let the pump show? They really do look
>like pagers, and really, I had to weigh this too, being a musician on stage
>when I got my H-TRON. But for the sake of the little pump on my hip and
>weighing that compared to what a prosthetic leg or dialysis fistula would
>'look like' I think I'll accept the wee pump :-)

I also have an H-Tron (rather 2 H-Trons, but who's counting? <vbg>).  I'm 
the one who wears her pump proudly on the fob pocket of her jeans (my photo 
was featured in an issue of the Diabetes Interview).  Most of the time, no 
one even notices.  No one even asks what it is.  Occasionally I do get a 
question, but then I just tell folks what it is.  If the discussion goes 
from there, fine, if not fine also.  Granted, I'm a bit older than a lot of 
you, but I really don't give a darn anymore.  They also make very nice 
leather pump cases that the pump can be put into and then they just 
resemble a pager or cellphone.  Look around you.  How many people do you 
see wandering around with all sorts of electronic gizmos hanging from their 
belts?  LOTS!  My best suggestion for anyone considering a pump is to see 
if you can take a test drive (errr, saline trial) with a loaner pump. You 
can then see what it's like to wear a pump 24/7.  You can play with 
different ways of wearing it to see what suits you.  Good luck. :o)

dx'd 7/1963
pumping 5/2000
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