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[IP] Humalog Pens

Well I'm fighting with Advance PCS once more. I renewed a RX for Humalog
pens by mail order so I got a three month supply at the end of June.
Today I requested the local CVS to fill a vial RX for Humalog and they
said it was too soon. The last time I got a vial was two months agos at
CVS so I should be able to fill it once a month.

AdvancePCS said that the pens can be used like vials? But I don't see
how and asked them to fax me directions on how to complete this. They
can't. Around and around and they finally did an override to cover the

Is there a way to draw the full 300 units in a humalog pen into syringe?

Advanced PCS person warned me that Advanced PCS is advocating with the
policyholders to discontinue covering long acting insulins with
diabetics that are on insulin pumps. She said that Humalog and Novalog
will only be covered. Personally I use U500 Regular in my pump and told
her so. She said that I might need to purchase it out of benefits. How
can they start doing this? There are many still using regular and
regular is very helpful when you can't or not wearing your pump. I also
thought that Humalog doesn't have FDA approval for pump use but Novalog
did or is it the other way around?

Has any one else heard of RX companies doing this?

Gail DOnohue 
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