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[IP] Error in the news -- ADA site

The problem is that the "ADA news" appears to be one of those automated
feeds.  Thus they didn't "lift" the article, but software is putting the
article in the website so the content is out of the ADA's control.  One of
the problems with automated feeds.

Of course, it IS in the control of the Associated Press and they should
fix it.

By the way, I was talking to the insurance company again about coverage (I
have found calling at least 3 times and taking a different route through
the voice mail system gets you the most accurate answers), and the woman I
was talking to Friday said that the insertation sets would fall under
"surgerical supplies" and will be billed during the surgery for the pump.
I almost drove off the road when she said that, and nicely pointed out
that it wasn't surgically implanted and she had probably gotten the
impression from news articles.  -- the most efficient use of driving time
is quizzing insurance carriers multiple times -- too time wasteful tasks
at once.

Kathleen Weaver
Marcie (beagle) Bettner's Byte O Magic, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, CGC
Maggie (beagle)
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