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[IP] Re: how to choose

At 8:33 AM -0500 7/13/03, Trish Suchy wrote:
>A plus for MiniMed is they intend to give
>me a $500 credit for trading in my ol' 507C (which I shall miss, as it has
>worked very well for me).  But cost isn't the *only* factor. The hardest one
>to gauge, I'm finding, is reliability.  I'm going to try to arrange some
>test drives, and hopefully that will help.  I'm frankly a little a-weary of
>the hard sell I'm getting from some of the companies.  It's not a car I'm
>buying, but I feel more and more like the process is not dissimilar.

Depending on your tax situation, another option for getting value out 
of a used Minimed pump is to contribute it to Insulin-Pumpers. 
Michael would be able to provide you with the proper paperwork for 
this to count as a "charitable contribution".  The pump would be 
refurbished and probably donated to someone who had no insurance 
coverage at all.

You analogy to "car buying" is good.  It will really pay to "test 
drive" each pump to see if it is a fit for you.   You might be 
surprised by some features in some, or without testing you might be 
disappointed by some minor detail such as where the buttons are on 
another.  All the companies should allow you to try a "loaner". 
This is the #1 advice for anyone shopping for a pump.  Try It!!

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