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[IP] Re: how to choose

Hi folks,
Peter, it makes sense to me.  I have been reading the list again, between
phone calls to the pump companies and internet forays.  Since I'm shopping
for a new pump I'm reading with interest the embedded "consumer reports"
here.  Although everyone who responded to me directly and everything else I
read here has helped, no very clear pattern is emerging, nothing that says
"Trish, get this pump, not that one."  I like some features on one not
available on another.  No pump has all the features I'd want on my ideal.
Some have features I don't want.  A plus for MiniMed is they intend to give
me a $500 credit for trading in my ol' 507C (which I shall miss, as it has
worked very well for me).  But cost isn't the *only* factor. The hardest one
to gauge, I'm finding, is reliability.  I'm going to try to arrange some
test drives, and hopefully that will help.  I'm frankly a little a-weary of
the hard sell I'm getting from some of the companies.  It's not a car I'm
buying, but I feel more and more like the process is not dissimilar.

Meanwhile, what would help me most is a more up-to-date and systematic
comparison, supported with data on list prices for reservoirs, infusion
sets, etc., with number of wearers (estimated, I know, and assuming the
companies would be willing to provide that info), annotations that include
things like why the Disetronic pumps are currently unavailable in the US,
etc.  Somehow the consumer rating info might be included in such a chart.
Okay, so here I am wanting such a thing, have no idea how it might be
achieved or who has the time and patience to do it . . .  ADA?  I know they
have that annual product guide--but it doesn't have all the info I need.
The comparison chart links from Insulin Pumpers are very helpful and I am
most grateful for them, but info there is, alas, outdated.  Maybe we could
make some sort of new questionnaire for our members to collect consumer data
more systematically.  Rate your pump according to:  X, Y, Z, etc.  A space
to report qualitative data, too.  I say "we" knowing "I" have no time nor
the expertise required for such a project . . .

Just thinking out loud here.  Thanks to all for your help.

Trish S (not to be confused with the other pumping Trish B.--hi, Trish!)

PS  Does anyone know if the data managing software available with the Animas
is supported in a Mac version?  OS 9 or X?

PPS  The "implanted pump" news release:  Wow, and here I've been wearing
mine clipped to my undies for all these years.  How do you implant it?
Kitchen knife?  Sounds messy.

> Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 01:44:23 -0500
> From: "probent" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re: Complaints :paragign&more
>> You would think people have a vendetta against MM or something!!!
> .......
>> I'm not just defending MM here because it is "my" pump company.  But, I
>> do find it odd that people on this list have it "out" for MM far more
>> than any other company, despite the fact that they have the vast
>> majority of the market.
> Ryan,
> I have tried to explore the relevance of the paradigm complaining that
> pops up so often. It seems to get more complaints (bashing) than any other
> pump. Most people here know that MM sells more pumps in the US than any
> other manufacturer. So it shouldn't be a surprise if more MM complaints
> surface. More illuminating would be the % of paradigm pumps that are out
> there to complain about. I suspect that there are more 507-508s in service
> but if the newer( and less tested) paradigm is any where close in numbers I
> would not be so influenced by these para. complaints; and I would hope that
> others would feel the same. I can get the ( I am sure an estimation) total
> US pump number and the total MM number but they (MM) will not say what the
> paradigm population is in the US. Without that number all we have is
> anecdotal information. I don't think that we can make good or bad
> generalizations. The members who come here to find out what is good or best
> can not get a clear( even if not simple) answer. That's not good.
> Now a second point: I understand that some people do not like and are
> uncomfortable with criticism or what some call negative talk. But I don't
> understand how we can answer (at least in part) those who come for some
> direction in their search for a pump. Some need to know that their pump
> problems are not unique. They may have no other pumpers to share those
> problems with. Why shouldn't we allow a consumer's report on this list? If
> you see it another way please explain it to me. I have tried for a long time
> to see things with just the positive light and it just doesn't make sense to
> me.
> Peter
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