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Re: [IP] Dressing with a Pump

At 11:37 PM 7/12/03 -0400, you wrote:
 >Summer is here and I am wearing belly shirts with Hip Hugger jeans and I
 >don't want to give up the type of clothing that I wear for summer. So how 
am I
 >going to hide that line that's on my stomach connected to the Pump? One 
 > thing also is that I can't hide the Pump in my jeans because they are tight.
 >Can anyone solve this dilemma?

Don't hide it!  Wear it clipped to the change pocket of your jeans and let 
the line show.  I've met several interesting people because they saw and 
recognized my pump, or I saw and recognized theirs.  As far as I know, no 
one has ever shunned me because I wore it in plain view.

If you feel really self conscious about it insert the site on your upper 
buttocks/lower hip (just above the back pocket of your jeans).  That way 
the site and most of the line will be hidden.  Most people will mistake 
your pump for a pager and it won't raise a second thought.

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