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[IP] Re: Complaints :paragign&more

The overall point I was trying to make regarding negative comments were NOT
appoint legitimate complains, such as reporting that their Paradigm failed,
or that they got such and such alarm, or that they lost basal rates, or
whatever.  I'm referring to bashing MM because they made a public
announcement about new features included in their 512 pump, where the SAME
features found in the Cozmo have not received any such complaints.
Basically, I hate seeing complaining for the sake of complaining or picking
on any company (be it MM or Animas or Deltec, etc) without any legitimate
reason.  That is what I meant when I was referring "if you don't have
anything nice to say...".

If you don't find new features useful...fine.  Don't get the upgrade.  But
don't treat MM like the scum of the earth (which it has come across like
here) because they have advertised new features that MANY people WILL find
useful, and MANY people have asked for in the past.

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