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[IP] Re: Overweight and diabetic

Sealani, have you tried Weight Watchers? Because diabetics already count 
carbs, it is not a big stretch to use their system of looking at labels and 
recipes for points. Points are based on how many calories, fat and fiber are 
 contained in foods and you are assigned so many of them based on your current
It is quite easy to follow.  I too have Graves disease and Type 1 and I found 
that although my food choices hadn't changed, my portions had and I ended up 
putting on a couple pounds each year. Try writing down everything you eat for 
one week and add up the calories every day. You may find that you are eating 
far more than you need for the energy you expend. I did. After controlling my 
portions and adding more exercise, the extra 20 pounds came off relatively 
 easy. I now use the same system to maintain my weight and I have been
at it for over a year. Good luck!  
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