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Re: [IP] Diabetes funk (long)

In a message dated 7/12/03 12:50:52 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> << DM is part of you.
> Not taking care of it, there will be no you, or a sorry you.  >>
> Adriana, what Linda said above is so true!   I might not be a diabetic, but
> as the mom of one who diagnosed when he turned 3, I know the extreme
> importance of taking care of his diabetes.

No offense, but the cold, hard truth is that you will be taking care of your 
son's diabetes for a finite amount of time. You can see an end to it. He -- 
and we -- will be taking care of our diabetes for the rest of our lives.

If any of you have *not* gotten into a diabetes "funk" yet, I can assure you 
that you probably will at some point.

Yes, diabetes "funks" are normal. For the most part, I can go along, almost 
on auto-pilot, testing, counting carbs, dosing, etc. Then, sometimes, I start 
 to test or try to figure out what to have for dinner (and how it will affect my
BGs) and I think, "I have to do this for the rest of my life?" 

It gets to be overwhelming at times. And, at the same time, there's a whole 
world out there to explore. If only I didn't have to laod myself down with all 
that "stuff" to take care of something I didn't ask to have in the first 

My funks last anywhere from a few hours to several months. In that time, I 
probably do a minimal amount to keep myself "safe," even if it's just to test 
and correct a couple of times a day. 

What pulls me out of it? I honestly don't know. A vaginal infection gets my 
attention real fast. LOL  Or maybe I just wake up one day sick and tired of 
feeling sick and tired all the time. But it does pass.

In the meantime, if you are in a funk, please know that you're not alone -- 
and try to do what you can to keep your BGs in some semblance of order.

Jan and ElvisToo
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