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[IP] Carrying old reservoirs for emergencies

Five years ago, when I was being trained in pumping, the CDE told me a 
lot of Disetronic users carry their old reservoirs, that still have 
some remaining insulin, as their emergency backup source of insulin.  I 
assumed she was referring to the glass cartridges.  I don't remember 
every seeing mention of that on this list -- does anybody do it?

I try to carry usable insulin in my purse, with syringes.  Since I have 
had very little need for it, I do tend to get careless about replacing 
the insulin.  (Not every vial has anything remaining after filling the 
last reservoir, which is usually my source).  I'm trying to figure out 
which would be better -- the at least month-old vial (substantially 
older by the time it's replaced), or a week-old plastic reservoir, into 
which I've drawn back the insulin from the tubing.  The reservoir could 
be replaced every week (-ish).

In other words, how does insulin degradation in the plastic compare 
with degradation in original glass container over a longer time period? 
  Is there anything else besides loss of potency that I should worry 
about from the plastic?

Linda Z 
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