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Re: [IP] age

Sara, i thought i would get a rise out of you>>>>>>>>>>>>


At 06:56 PM 7/11/03 EDT, you wrote:
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>jimb writes:
>> Sara SP, medical recommendations are there for a reason, 
>> but your so young you may not be aware of it.
>My "what" is so young?
>  You did not but in the noun you were defining with the "your" as being so 
>If you meant to imply that I am so young that i am not aware of medical 
> recommendations, please note that I am not as YOUNG as you might
think...I have
> been pumping longer than _most_ of the people on this list, and been a
>for close to 30 years.
>As it pertains to medical recommendation, might I suggest that everyone take 
>a look at the print-out that accompanies the humalog and the novalog insulin 
>prescriptions.  From teh manufacturer, they recommend something to the
>that you should not drink alcohol when using this drug!  Since when did 
>Prohibition flare back up?? And since when are insulin dependant diabetics
>supposed to drink because of taking insulin? Should  not a DOCTOR, not a 
> manufacturer be making that recommendation? Medical recommendations warn
>against using
>heavy machinery or driving when using other medications....Medical 
>recommendations SUGGEST not reusing the reservoir or tubing...Hell the
> recommendations warn NOT to reuse a lancet, and who REALLY changes those
> time they test (that was a rhetorical question, please DO NOT WRITE BACK
>These "warnings" are here to make you, or me, the consumer, AWARE of what 
> problems there MIGHT be. The medical recommendations are NOT hard and
fast and
>RULES by which they will throw you in jail for!!!  
>Just cuz my doctor recommended I eat more vegetables does not mean I HAVE
> Just because the airport recommends getting there 2 hours early does not 
> mean I HAVE to. Just because someone thinks EVERYONE ought to wear
helmets when
>they ride a motorcycle, doesn't mean they HAVE to...Who died and made the 
>people who make medical recommendations GOD!???
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