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Re: [IP] MM Infusion sets

> I'm in the process of getting my MM Paradigm 512 and I'm a little

> I know I want the Quick Release, so it's down to the Quick-Set, Soft-
> Set, or the Sillhouette? I know the Quick Release already has the
> sticky stuff (so you don't have to use tape?)

I never tried the Soft-Set but I have used both the Silhouette and the
Quick-set.  Both worked for me.  I don't use the Sil anymore because it
seemed to get irritated faster than the Quick-Set. (Usually because when I
bend over it would get trapped in my skin and then pinch it. (very bad
explanation for what really happened.))  I now use the Quick-set and I use
the 6mm I find that I have no problems with this one.  I only had once with
a bent cannula then purchased the serter and have had no problems since.
When I used the pen I also used the BD Ultra-Fine II short needle.  I have
never tried the 9mm cannula.

> I'm *so confused*!! What do most of you use? I'm also confused about if
> I should get the 6mm or 9mm cannula...I'm currently using the BD Ultra-
> Fine II *short needle*...so do I need the shorter 6mm or what? Please
> help!!??!!!

This is just what worked for me what works for you might be something
different. If you can get samples of different sets and then try them out it
will give you a better idea on what will work for you. Remember YMMV.
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