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Re: [IP] miracle whip[

Not only did mama say the devil is in me, but I'm drivin the bus
straight to the land down under.  Yes we all need to have a sense of
humor twards D after all we have to put up with docs who think they can
treat all of us the same, a public that has the knowledge base of a
small pebble (advantage pebble) and people that freak when they see you
place a drop of blood on a machine at the table.  I have yet to find a
good babysitter for this and i keep getting denied when requesting a
vacation.  So either laugh or cry yourself into a depression that only
you can control.  Enjoy life, you have just as much right as the idiot
that thinks your weird.     Scott

>>> email @ redacted 07/11/03 09:59PM >>>
I will continue to post to this site - sometimes it will be a SERIOUS
POST as those who are so VERY TRES business serious would like -
sometimes it 
will be an off the cuff fun remark. Gee maybe the list should be spilt
- those 
with a sense of humor and those who think humor is from the devil. And
the FLAMES come - I thought that most people just deleted all my posts
 Since many times I have made a serious ON TOPIC post that should have
a comment or two - and nothing. 

 and since the flames are probably on their way - who cares if the new
 pump comes in purple - like THATS IMPORTANT ENOUGH for this esteemed,
caring (??) group.

So go figure. Que sera sera

Linda & Dax
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