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[IP] Re: Infusion sets and cannula length

At 11:21 AM 7/11/03, Sharon B wrote:
>I think the needle length depends on the amount of fat a person may have. The
>more fat needing the longer cannula - 9 MM. It depends were I put my set. No
>matter where there is or is not fat, I still prefer the longer needle because
>the longer needle can withstand twisting and moving. For me the shorter
>cannula, 6 mm, tended to fall out more easier. I tried the quick sets and
>still prefer the silhouettes because of the angle going in. Happy pumping
>Sharon B

For me this is not true.  I am not a thin person (not extremely overweight 
either) but I have found that the 6mm QuickSet is much better for me since 
the 9mm causes pain and discomfort about 12 hours after insertion.  I get 
great absorption from the 6mm also.  I've never had problems with them 
falling out either.  Everyone should probably test drive the different 
lengths rather than just thinking they need a particular one due to their 
body size.

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