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[IP] Re: IP] leaving sites in

Definitely a YMMV thing...I've been pumping for 3 years now and went from
NEEDING site changes every 3 days to every 2 days and then every day or I'd
get red and itchy...And my belly has looked like a connect the dots puzzle!
Now that I'm pregnant and even though the skin on my belly is stretched to
the max I'm still using belly sites and honestly- my cartridge gets changed
every day and a half or so and my actual site only gets changed once a week
(earlier if it itches or I notice spikes-but that's rare)
Oh but a funny YMMV-- This only works on the left side of my belly.  I have
never gotten a minute of normal behavior from the right side of my body-even
on shots!
email @ redacted
10 years Type 1, pumping 2.75 years
26 weeks pregnant with Alex a wild man/night owl

Subject: [IP] leaving sites in

Judith wrote:
> Leaving cannulas  in place longer than the recommended
> 3 days increases the risk of infection and the formation of scar tissue.
> Most folks do see decreased absorption and increasing bgs as sites
>  "age" - often by the second or third day of use.  You may get by
> with extended use in the short term, but see problems later.Judith

Judith forgot to put in the YMMV....I leave my canula in  until it is either
the slightest bit uncomfortable OR I have 2 unexplainable high blood sugars
a row.  this can be a day, or 6.  I have been pumping for over 10 years and
have noticed zero decreased absorption.  I also do not have any pump bumps
red marks, and I have never ever had any kind of site infection.

So, yes, it is "recommended" that you change evey X days....This is most
 likely to cover the manufacturer's ass in the event you DO develop an
and also a very savvy way to insure sales....

BUT as with everything...YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY..

Sara SP
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