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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #388

It seems that some people (eh-hem) don't know how to see a POINT when one is
made.  ;-)

I never suggested any sort of censoring by ANYONE except each individual
censoring themselves.  So far, I haven't see any valid "gripes" from anyone
on this matter...it has been a bunch of complaining because a pump company
has come out with some new features to make our lives easier, and advertised
this new functionality.  Based on this list, you'd think it was the end of
the world!!!!


>Ryan writes:
>> I'd like to challenge people to an old addage:  If you don't have
>> anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!  :-)
>oh, a challenge...i LOVE a challenge.  Surely you are not requesting that
> Michael CENSOR the list? I would have to see that as some sort of TOS
>and certainly a violation of the 1st amendment.  This board is MOST
>designed for us to air our gripes.  There is NOTHING in the TOS that says
>HAVE to say nice things....Or would you prefer for us to JUST write in when
>have GOOD A1c numbers.
>Sara SP
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