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[IP] age

jimb writes:
> Sara SP, medical recommendations are there for a reason, 
> but your so young you may not be aware of it.

My "what" is so young?
  You did not but in the noun you were defining with the "your" as being so 

If you meant to imply that I am so young that i am not aware of medical 
 recommendations, please note that I am not as YOUNG as you might think...I have
 been pumping longer than _most_ of the people on this list, and been a diabetic
for close to 30 years.

As it pertains to medical recommendation, might I suggest that everyone take 
a look at the print-out that accompanies the humalog and the novalog insulin 
prescriptions.  From teh manufacturer, they recommend something to the effect 
that you should not drink alcohol when using this drug!  Since when did 
Prohibition flare back up?? And since when are insulin dependant diabetics NOT 
supposed to drink because of taking insulin? Should  not a DOCTOR, not a 
 manufacturer be making that recommendation? Medical recommendations warn
against using
heavy machinery or driving when using other medications....Medical 
recommendations SUGGEST not reusing the reservoir or tubing...Hell the medical 
 recommendations warn NOT to reuse a lancet, and who REALLY changes those things
 time they test (that was a rhetorical question, please DO NOT WRITE BACK THAT

These "warnings" are here to make you, or me, the consumer, AWARE of what 
 problems there MIGHT be. The medical recommendations are NOT hard and fast and
RULES by which they will throw you in jail for!!!  

Just cuz my doctor recommended I eat more vegetables does not mean I HAVE to. 
 Just because the airport recommends getting there 2 hours early does not 
 mean I HAVE to. Just because someone thinks EVERYONE ought to wear helmets when
they ride a motorcycle, doesn't mean they HAVE to...Who died and made the 
people who make medical recommendations GOD!???

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