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[IP] RE: The Paradigm 512 and Angry People

What?  Who says you cant change sites twice a week and use your cartridge/
reservoir for the whole week? I tried to remind Minimed a long time ago that
they made Combo Silhouettes with two "needles" but only one set of tubing, for
the purpose of changing the site twice a week/every three days and the
reservoir once a week. They tried to tell me the reservoir doesn't function
well after three days, which makes no sense to anyone.

Frankly, the whole point is every pump company (perhaps not Dana) is on the
exact same level right now.  No one has any big surprises hidden, everyone is
showing their cards and nothing is that new that the other companies are not
right there with the same plan in the works.  What may be different however,
is the actual cost of upgrades.
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