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Re: [IP] Re: Leaving cannulas in place

> My last set was in for 6 days, and I finally changed it just cause. This
> longer than I usually go, which is more like 3-4 days. Sometimes I have to
>  change after one day. My body will tell me what it needs. If the site is
> pink, tender, or hard, It says it is not happy, and I change.

i agree completely on the ymmv thing.  while most of the time i'll change
the infusion set on my paradigm (and me) when the reservoir runs out,
sometimes i'll leave the set in longer.  i try not to do that too much since
the site will not heal as well the longer i leave it in.  but yeah, it's
completely ymmv, as well as playing it by ear.

> Okay, want to talk chocolate and the amount of recommended daily
> <VBG>

or licorice, or jellybeans (black!)

oooo... i wish you hadn't mentioned the chocolate thing, i'm having cravings

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