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Re: [IP] leaving sites in

Sara SP,

medical recommendations are there for a reason, but your so young you may
not be aware of it.


At 03:04 PM 7/11/03 EDT, you wrote:
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>Judith wrote:
>> Leaving cannulas  in place longer than the recommended 
>> 3 days increases the risk of infection and the formation of scar tissue. 
>> Most folks do see decreased absorption and increasing bgs as sites
>>  "age" - often by the second or third day of use.  You may get by 
>> with extended use in the short term, but see problems later.Judith
>Judith forgot to put in the YMMV....I leave my canula in  until it is either 
>the slightest bit uncomfortable OR I have 2 unexplainable high blood
sugars in 
>a row.  this can be a day, or 6.  I have been pumping for over 10 years and 
>have noticed zero decreased absorption.  I also do not have any pump bumps
>red marks, and I have never ever had any kind of site infection.
>So, yes, it is "recommended" that you change evey X days....This is most 
> likely to cover the manufacturer's ass in the event you DO develop an
>and also a very savvy way to insure sales....
>BUT as with everything...YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY..
>Sara SP
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: