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[IP] Wish me luck...

my first message didn't seem to make it through...so i'll try again.

 WOOHOO! I'm almost there! After 3 months of working with a new endo using
Lantus/MDI's I faxed in my AOB form to Minimed wednesday, my bG readings for the
past 3 months yesterday, and today they emailed me to let me know they had faxed
the request for the necessary paperwork/Rx, etc. to my endo!
 The next step after they receive that is for the Insurance Co. (Humana HMO) to
approve it.
 I jumped the gun a little bit on this...At my last appointment with my endo he
told me that at my next A1C (which technically is due this week), if I still
wanted to go to the pump instead of staying with the Lantus/MDI's (which he
claims many people choose over the pump), then he would be fine with that. Well,
in my calendar I had this past wednesday marked as the day I was supposed to
have my A1C done...so I went ahead and faxed Minimed wednesday morning...As it
turns out, my appointment was not scheduled for wednesday after all, but for
july 21 because my endo didn't have an opening for an appointment until july 28
(the labwork is done a week before the appointment with him as it turns
out)...So I was a little concerned at first about having gotten ahead of
things...but then I realized that I am sick of waking up in the mornings with
sugars that are 250 or higher, then having lows later in the afternoon and in
the evening between midnight and 3 a.m. (12 this week so far!
  ..2 yesterday, 1 earlier today)...I'm tired of continually increasing the
Lantus each week to try to 'fix' the dawn phenomenon (I'm up to 78 units of
Lantus a day now)...So my endo is just gonna have to live with my 'pro-activity'
just like I have to live with diabetes!

 Please think things like "Humana will make the right choice." and "Humana will
somehow stumble upon the best thing to do." and such for me...I'm sure it will
help counter my own occasioinaly pessimism about humana approving the pump....


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