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[IP] limited reservoir and a Challenge...

Ryan writes:
> the MEDICAL recommendations for maximum time leaving in a 
> site is 2 1/2 to 3 days.  SNIP For those who use more than 50 
> units/day, the Paradigm is sort of enforcing that requirement for you.  

Just a point of clarification...just because you HAVE to refill the cartridge 
for the Paradigm after 175 units...you DO NOT have to change your site!!  
Gotta love the disconnect sets!

If the medical community and the manufacturers really DID want to FORCE you 
to change the site every 3 days by limiting the reservoir in capacity, then 
 they did not take into account that NOT every one takes 58 units per day, which
is what you would need to take to utilize all the insulin in the reservoir.

Furthermore, if they really wanted to ENFORCE anything, then there would be 
NO DISCONNECT feature....In the old days...if you had to change your site, you 
took the old one out....and then removed the reservoir and refilled it (or if 
you were following recommendation, filled a NEW one) ...and vice 
 versa.....your reservoir is empty but your site is great? Tough tiddy...you had
to rip it
out and refill (or replace, depending on your rule following skills)

Ryan writes:
> I'd like to challenge people to an old addage:  If you don't have 
> anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!  :-)

oh, a challenge...i LOVE a challenge.  Surely you are not requesting that 
 Michael CENSOR the list? I would have to see that as some sort of TOS violation
and certainly a violation of the 1st amendment.  This board is MOST certainly 
designed for us to air our gripes.  There is NOTHING in the TOS that says we 
HAVE to say nice things....Or would you prefer for us to JUST write in when we 
have GOOD A1c numbers.  

Sara SP
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