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[IP] lessons learned

Cynthia wrote
>pump died a week ago and I had to be without it for a day until the 
> refurb one arrived SNIP I had no Lantus on hand and no active Rx 
> at the pharmacy.  It seems a waste tohave to get a whole bottle of 
> Lantus for just oneovernight.  

I am sure the Disetronic people can chime in here on teh benefits of having 
TWO pumps in teh event of a pump emergency, but for everyone ELSE on the 

I would not want to waste an entire bottle in this situation!!  I have not 
 had an active prescription for a long acting insulin since late 1992!!! I might
have a 10 year old bottle of NPH laying around but I think it is just a 
 memento...If the emergency ever arose that i was pumpless over night, I would
NO problem waking up every 4 hours (which is really only ONE time if you 
 sleep 8 hours) to test and correct. Even if I DID have lantus or NPH on hand, I
 NO LONGER know how to use it effectively and would majorly screw myself up with
unexpected lows 18-20 or whatever hours later!!  

Sara SP
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