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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm "upgradable"

On 11 Jul 2003 at 13:17, Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I think you're missing something.  The idea is that in order for the
> pump to support giving 1 unit of U-200 insulin, it would ACTUALLY have
> to deliver the EQUIVILENT of .05 units of U-100 insulin.  

 THAT is presuming that they intended to be able to deliver one unit of U-200
insulin and I
 have no knowledge of that fact. And since there never was a U-200 insulin for
infusion, it all seems like a moot point.

> resolution.  So, in you use U-100 insulin, it is capable of delivering
> .05 units of insulin.  If you use U-50, then it is capable of
> delivering .025 units of insulin.

This is the VERY FIRST I've heard of being able to infuse .025 with a MM pump.

> So, it is simply a matter of a software change to support the .05 unit
> resolution in the pump because the motor can handle it.

 It is not "the motor handling it". This is a mechanical device that is
calibrated by it's size
and travel to deliver one unit of U-100 each "step"

> Now, concerning the existance of U-200.  I read an interview on-line
> that made it sound like there was GOING to be (or is in the works) an
> attempt to get FDA approval for a U-200 insulin for pump use.  It
> might be possible that MM was trying to get ahead of the game by
> designing a pump that could handle this (which might also explain the
> smaller resoivoir size) new insulin.  But, I also found some medical
> studies that were done using U200 and U500 insulins, so perhaps U200
> insulin IS available for non-consumer use at this time.

 Was this the article? Diabetes, Vol 42, Issue 11 1649-1655 That was a study
back in
 1993 discussing the use of U-200 and U-500 insulin administered intranasally as
 to the results of a subcutaneous injection of U-100. I'm sure that this U-200
may become
 available, but it is still in study at the Southwestern Medical Center here in
Dallas. :>)

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